Congrats to Cameron for her abstract selection to ICN 2020

Congratulations to Cameron DelForge, whose abstract “Best Practices for Nurse Practitioners Working with Farmworkers - Interventions to Address Disparities” was accepted for poster presentation at the 11th International Council of Nurses NP/APN Network Conference 2020 in Canada.”

In her own words: “With guidance and support from the NC Farmworkers Health Program, during the Summer of 2019 I sought to better understand and quantify the need for behavioral health care in the Latino farmworker population. I screened Latino farmworkers using both the Patient Health Questionnaire 2 (PHQ2) and Refugee Health Screener 15 (RHS15). Of the 57 patients screened every single one of them agreed to answering these personal questions. Twenty two patients screened positive on the PHQ2, nine were positive on the RHS15, and three endorsed suicidal ideation. Distinct and apart from physical ailments that are so common among this hardworking population, I discerned a significant need to address mental health. In the limited access to healthcare that farmworkers receive, providers address these physical ailments but there is a void in providing mental health services. My results showed a significant need for the type of services that El Futuro provides. El Futuro, a tele-health counseling service, has collapsed time, space, and accessibility to make mental health counseling readily available to the farmworker population that is in their native language and at a time that is convenient for them.”

We are proud of you Cameron!